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Get Back To Work!

A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast

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Are you looking for a new job? Are you thinking about a career move? If you are, then buy this book now, and gain the competitive edge! Six easy to follow steps, easy to read, packed with job search tips and all the information you need to conduct your job search. Very affordable.

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This is an easy to read digital workbook designed to enable you to put proven principles for finding work into practice. A wealth of exercises and information, these action-oriented activities will move you forward in your job search. They will give you an opportunity to dig more deeply into your personal circumstances and develop your own ideas on how to create positive career change. You will be better able to develop winning job search and career transition strategies. It will also give you advice on the best techniques to market yourself successfully with regard to securing employment and planning your career change.

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The perfect set of resources to help guide you through your job search or career transition.

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Get Back To Work! Comments & Reviews

Charles Grossner – President of PeopleFind Inc – says that Get Back to Work! A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast is just as useful now, and, even more relevant in today’s economy and employment market than when originally published in 2002.

Use in combination with the Workbook now available in digital format for just $19.95 CAD (Workbook price) or as a combo (Get Back to Work! A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast and Workbook for $29.95 a comprehensive guide for finding your next job or guiding you through a career change.

Here are some comments and reviews about the Canadian best-seller “Get Back to Work! A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast” written by PeopleFind’s Charles Grossner.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside – the Publisher

“Easy-to-read, entertaining and packed with proven job-search techniques, Get Back to Work! provides anyone seeking employment with the means, the methods and the motivation needed to succeed in the job market. Created especially for today’s competitive employment marketplace by a team of career coaches, Get Back to Work! explores and explains the series of practical, easy-to-follow, effective steps you’ll need to move from no-job to new-job.”

Janice Foord Kirk – Career Monitor, The Toronto Star

“For the person struggling to find work right now, a new book, Get Back to Work! (Fitzhenry & Whiteside) could be an invaluable gift. Written by Ontario authors, the book’s subtitle says it all: “A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast”. Their advice is direct, targeted and presented in easily accessible chunks, often in point form. When looking for work, the authors write, “You will face barriers. You may face prejudice. You may feel anxious. You may feel rejected. You may be frozen by fear and self-doubt. You may not know the local protocol. Bottom line, you need to overcome your fears, surmount the barriers and move forward with confidence.”

The Vancouver Sun

“The people behind PeopleFind Inc., an executive search and career transition firm, have written a book aimed at the downsized, those declared redundant in mid or late career. For anyone in their target audience who is feeling a little too crowded by sympathetic supporters and just wants some clear pointers, this book’s worth a look.”

Online Review – Amazon.com – Reviewer: A reader from South Carolina

“To all job hunters out there – Get this book! Why should you get this book? Because it works and it helped me get a fantastic job that I am using as a stepping stone for my future career. This book applies to everyone. From the recent graduate to the stay-at-home parent that wants to re-enter the job market. I am a recent university graduate and I got a hold of this book through a friend. It helped me in so many different ways. The book is an easy read, it is well organized and gets straight to the point on the different steps one should take in the job hunt. This book was a valuable tool for me and I think for anyone who is determined to find that dream job. This book helped me understand that the most difficult obstacle to overcome before being successful and finding that dream job are your emotions. I got past my self-doubt and began working harder at my job-search. This book gets to the point, moves you through step-by-step and helps in preparing you for what to expect with the job-hunt. What you find won’t fall into your lap, you have to work hard to get it. What this book did give me was the confidence that I needed to get through the process. Now I am working full-time and I credit the book to my success.”

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Contents - Get Back To Work: Workbook
Table of Contents
Get The Most Out Of Your “Get Back To Work” Workbook
Chapter 2: Working With Your Career Coach
Chapter 3: Recognize Your Emotions
Chapter 4: Deal With Your Emotions
Chapter 5: Identify Your Concerns and Review Potential Solutions
Chapter 6: If You’ve Recently Arrived From Another Country
Chapter 7: Tips On Presenting and Using Your Foreign Credentials
Chapter 8: Take Extreme Care Of Yourself
Chapter 9: Take Personal Inventory: Non-Work Achievements
Chapter 10: Take Personal Inventory: Key Strengths
Chapter 11: Take Personal Inventory: Know Your Weaknesses
Chapter 12: Get Into A Group
Chapter 13: The New Work World
Chapter 14: Examine Your Values
Chapter 15: Retirement Planning Questions
Chapter 16: Preparing Your Skills Inventory
Chapter 17: List Your Accomplishments (SARs)
Chapter 18: Get SMART: Be SPECIFIC About Your Ideal Work Situation
Chapter 19: Get SMART: Set MEASURABLE Goals For Your Search
Chapter 20: Get SMART: Be REALISTIC About Your Prospects
Chapter 21: Considering a Career Change
Chapter 22: New Careers You Have Thought About
Chapter 23: Information Requirements for Career Change
Chapter 24: Career Change Readiness Questionnaire
Chapter 25: Self-Employment
Chapter 26: Resumes: Turning SARs Into Bullet Points
Chapter 27: Resumes: Modified Chronological Resume
Chapter 28: Resumes: Executive Brief
Chapter 29: Resumes: Bio
Chapter 30: Resumes: Sending Your Resume And Cover Letter Via Email
Chapter 31: Develop Your Departure Statement
Chapter 32: Get A Reference Letter From Your Former Employer
Chapter 33: List of Potential References
Chapter 34: Identifying Potential Reference Issues
Chapter 35: Create Your 30 Second Advertisement
Chapter 36: The Concept Of Selling Yourself
Chapter 37: Creating A Target List of Potential Employers
Chapter 38: Top 20 Hot Prospect Organizations
Chapter 39: Marketing Letters
Chapter 40: Broadcast Letters
Chapter 41: Targeted Marketing Letters
Chapter 42: Maintain A Database
Chapter 43: Use Online Job Banks Effectively
Chapter 44: Networking Explained
Chapter 45: Create A Networking Contact List
Chapter 46: Sample Letter For Generating Networking Meetings
Chapter 47: Sample Phone Call For Generating Networking Meetings
Chapter 48: Sample Agenda For Networking Session
Chapter 49: Follow Up Letter For Networking Meetings
Chapter 50: Sample Progress Letter
Chapter 51: Get A Transitional Business Card Made
Chapter 52: Sample Search Firm Letter – No Job Listed, No Referral
Chapter 53: Sample Search Firm Letter – No Job Listed, By Referral
Chapter 54: Executive Recruiter List
Chapter 55: Tips for Effective Telephone Use
Chapter 56: Understanding the Nature of Interviewing
Chapter 57: Pre-Interview Worksheet
Chapter 58: Answers To The Most Common Interview Questions
Chapter 59: Post-Interview Worksheet
Chapter 60: Post-Interview Impressions
Chapter 61: Sample Letter: If You Haven’t Heard Back After An Interview
Chapter 62: Sample Letter: Withdrawing From Consideration
Chapter 63: Sample Letter: If You Get Rejected
Chapter 64: Pre-Employment Psychological Tests
Chapter 65: The Negotiation Process
Chapter 66: Choosing Your Benefits Before Negotiating
Chapter 67: Negotiating Stance
Chapter 68: Employment Law and Labor Lawyers
Chapter 69: Workplace Democracy and Integrity
Chapter 70: Sample Letter: Accepting An Offer Of Employment
Chapter 71: Letter Announcing That You Are Working
Chapter 72: Succeeding In Your New Job
Chapter 73: Becoming A “Career Activist” Once Re-Employed
Chapter 74: Danger Signs To Watch For In The Future
Contents - Get Back To Work: Textbook


STEP 1: Take Control of Your Transition

So you’ve lost your job

  • Separate feelings from actions
  • Recognize your emotions
  • Get on with the grieving process
  • Know the flow
  • Endings
  • Neutral zones
  • New beginnings

You’ve been away from the job market for some time and you want to get back

  • Separate feelings from actions
  • Recognize your emotions
  • Maintain a balance

You recently arrived from another country and need employment

  • Separate feelings from actions
  • Recognize your emotions
  • Maintain a balance

You recently graduated and find that employers want experience

  • Separate feelings from actions
  • Recognize your emotions
  • Maintain a balance

Take extreme care of yourself
Reach out to family
Coach the curious
Tune in to kids’ stuff
Activate your stress busters
Take personal inventory
Start fresh
Get into a groove
Have an interim financial plan
Fill in your financial worksheets
Get a grip on unnecessary expenses
These are things I’m doing for myself

STEP 2: Find Your Best Fit

Change is inevitable, except in vending machines
Understand your place in history
Know thyself: a skills inventory
List your accomplishments
Introduce action verbs

Three proven pillars of success

  1. Get SMART
  2. Maintain Your FOCUS
  3. Market Yourself with SMACK

Changing careers altogether
Strike out on your own?
Anticipate roadblocks
Complete this action plan

STEP 3: Building the Perfect Beast

State your career objective
Types of resumés
The chronological resumé
The functional resumé
Avoid common errors
Cover yourself
Identify positive references
Develop guidelines
Measure progress to date

STEP 4: Launch Your Marketing Campaign

Carve out your niche
Sell your features and benefits
Saturate your target market
Maintain a database
Network, network, network
Pack a portfolio
How about headhunters?
Team up with a career coach
Work the phones
Answer ads
Tap into the hidden job market
Check off this list

STEP 5: Ace the Interview

Know what they want to know
Employment interviews
Questions they’ll ask
Innocent questions
Illegal questions
Questions you’ll ask
Information interviews
Information interview guidelines
Phone interviews
Screening interviews
Structured interviews
Phases of the structured interview
Unstructured interviews
Multiple interviews
Stress test interviews
What to do if…
Behavioral interviews
Behavioral vs. traditional interviews
How to prepare for a behavioral interview
The thank you letter
Call backs
Your clothing is your packaging
Don’t leave home without…

STEP 6: Negotiate the Offer

Does the offer reflect market conditions?
Elements of the offer
Employment contracts
Severance packages
What the pros know
Evaluate the offer
Be reasonable and flexible
Negotiating strategy
Before you sign on the dotted line

Conclusion and Beyond