Employee Assessment

Assessment Services for that Special Employee

As companies grow and evolve there always seems to be a key employee who gradually feels less and less comfortable in the changing environment.  Their contribution diminishes with their comfort level.  The vast experience of these people is an major asset to the company, but, the employee just no longer seems to fit.

Our psychometric assessment programs can provide the insight that can often return the employee to a productive roll in the organization.  Psychometrics covers a variety of tools that are useful  in assessing the character, strengths, weaknesses and areas of interest of an employee. Feedback from this process is used to identify areas where the employee can contribute the most.

Essentially, there are two types of psychometric tests: aptitude tests, which assess abilities; and personality questionnaires, which help to build up a profile of personal preferences and characteristics.  The combination of these can produce some startling results that even the employee didn’t realize.  Re-positioning the person within the organization can produce a rejuvenated individual, eager to contribute.

The PeopleFind staff are sensitive to the stress that an employee placed in this position may feel.  We are trained to assist organizations choosing to move in this direction. We can even initiate the process should company management think it advisable.

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