Our Outplacement Team

Charles Grossner, President, PeopleFind Inc.

Charles founded PeopleFind inc. in the year 2000 and it has since grown into a successful Executive Search / Recruiting and Outplacement / Career Transition firm. Charles leads the Outplacement and Career Coaching Team.

Charles believes that a successful job search, whether it be to replace a lost position or to obtain a new and better opportunity  is critically dependent upon a) effective research, planning and strategy, and b) “marketing” oneself as a “brand” when targeting organizations and corporations.  He also believes that the resume is just the first visible step in the job search or the career transition process but critically dependent upon knowing oneself – accomplishments, capabilities and preferences.

Charles has coached many clients to obtain their next job or be successfully repositioned through a career change.  His style brings significant “marketing” savvy and a pragmatic understanding of the human communications process to the subject of job search.

Charles has also taught college / university level courses in Economics, Business Administration, Advertising and Marketing. He has worked in a variety of industries including retail, food, drug, the automotive aftermarket, manufacturing, and information technology.

He is a co-author of Get Back To Work! – A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast (Fitzhenry & Whiteside), the Get Back To Work! Workbook, and The Manager’s Guide to Releasing Employees, and several published articles in technology and Market Research.