Job interviewers often receive dozens of résumés at a time. To help yours stand out, design your résumé so that it easy for the reader to scan through it at a glance. By using familiar typeface hierarchy with which to express your work experience, the reader is quickly able to pick out the relevant information and draw more positive conclusions. Its is best to use ALL CAPS BOLD for the company name, followed by Upper & Lower Case Bold for your job title and your tenure, and Italics Plain to express a “responsibilities” statement. Use Plain Text to list your relevant accomplishments.


Hints & Tips:

  • It is recommended that you position the dates of employment to the far right. Any gaps in your employment history will not be as obvious on the first read.
  • Use only integer years for the duration of your employment even if you were in that position for just a few months.
  • If you held a job position for one year or less, consider framing it in the responsibilities statement as a “project” or “contract” as appropriate. For example: “Corporate project. Responsibilities included hiring and training…”
  • Should your job title be specific to your past company and potentially not understood by a new employer, consider qualifying it with a short description. A job title such as “Sales Assistant”, for example, might be explained as: “Sales Assistant (Retail Sales Representative)”.
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