PeopleFind offers employers competitively priced professional Outplacement Services, focused on helping clients through all the stages of job loss. From dealing with the emotional challenges, to coaching clients on effective research and networking techniques, to guiding them on excelling in their job search campaigns, PeopleFind is there.

Our unique approach to building an individual career transition program for each of our clients ensures that they get precisely what they need. And, their employer only pays for what the released employee requires. The conventional alternative which we have migrated away from sells preset, bundled service packages that the employer buys on behalf of the employee.  It is true that such a program is easy to sell and benefits the service provider by locking in a fixed fee, but that approach fails to fully recognize individual needs and economies.  Employers should buy only that which is truly required to get the released employee back on track.

Our program is based on the proven six step process described in the best-seller “Get Back to Work! A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast” (Fitzhenry & Whiteside), authored by PeopleFind’s founder and principal coach. Each client receives a copy of the book, an associated workbook, and a range of additional print and web-based complementary materials.
At PeopleFind, we offer the facilities and resources, face-to-face contact, e-delivery, and the winning methodology to ensure career and job search success. We help our Outplacement clients successfully “Get Back to Work” while helping your organization keep its costs down!