Why Choose PeopleFind Outplacement?

PeopleFind Outplacement is the Most Cost Effective, Useful and Flexible Approach Available for Released Employees

We offer a new option for employers seeking to engage optimal assistance for their employees while minimizing cost. Our concept is based on allowing individuals to specify their own service needs in concert with a career consultant. Our approach creates significant advantages over the traditional model used by our competitors (who bundle services and prices into packages based on time duration regardless of services needed or consumed by released employees).

Today, one of the most important issues for employers is to watch expenses while providing the best help possible for released employees. Our team of highly qualified professionals are well equipped to help those in career transition.  We offer the most flexible, effective and cost contained outplacement services available. How can we make this claim? Here’s how:

Our Unique Outplacement Program and Billing Model:

Why are we unique? Most of our competitors have established service programs/billing models that work to their advantage financially and not to the client paying the bill. Specifically,

  • Other outplacement companies pre-package a set of services into “fixed-month” programs of various lengths. If you have shopped for outplacement services before, you are likely familiar with making decisions such as choosing between a three month or a six month program for an employee who’s specific needs you might know little about. This artificial and costly fixed-month packaging of services hinders employers and employees.
  • Many times, released employees have particular needs and timelines that their employer is unaware of when trying to determine an outplacement program for them. It is not unusual for an employer to overpay by providing for a fixed-month outplacement program, paid for in advance, that an employee does not completely use.
  • It is also not unusual for a pre-determined outplacement service term to be over well before the released employee has become re-employed.
  • There is considerable inefficiency and wasted money when some released employees get more service than needed and others get less. Unfortunately, the employer’s act of generosity in providing outplacement can be seen by them as insufficient and/or unrealistic. This may result in unwarranted employee animosity toward the employer.

Effective Counseling:

Professional Career Coaches guide clients through an easy-to-follow six step process that covers every aspect of career change and job search, from the start to getting to where they want to be.

Benefits for the Employer:

  • A committed business partnership with a firm that believes in transparency and fairness in its billing practices
  • Top quality professional assistance
  • We save you money because you only pay for the services you require
  • Partnering assistance handling the employee release process in an effective, considerate manner
  • Assists in reducing your liability should a released employee pursue action for wrongful dismissal
  • Takes a load off your staff when we provide pre-planning and logistical support for your organization, to help make the change as smooth as possible
  • For organizations in transition, PeopleFind coaches are available to help retained managers and employees deal effectively with change

Benefits for the Released Employee:

  • Significant control in determining the services they need and the ability to pace their service according to their own needs and circumstances.
  • Our experienced, professional Career Coaches help Outplacement clients find satisfying work faster.
  • A range of service delivery choices including face-to-face coaching and e-delivery
  • Office space/services available and access to our exclusive online PeopleFind resources