Our Solution is Simple – Pay Only For What Your Employees Need

When preparing to release an employee, call us at PeopleFind. We have significant expertise in counseling employers regarding the logistics and communication of employee releases. If you require us on-site for the release event, we are happy to assist (in fact, we recommend it in many cases).  Our initial conversation regarding services and billing allows you to set a “Service Fee Cap” that is converted into PeopleFind Service Points which an employee uses when accessing our help over the following year. Specifically,

  • The employer pays only a core service fee initially and the employee can use his/her allocated points for additional services up to the limit set by the Service Fee Cap.
  • In our first meeting with the employee after his/her release, we work with him/her to determine his/her possible needs beyond the core service and not exceeding the company’s Service Fee Cap.  Core service includes a one-to-one career/job search planning session, professional resume preparation, an in-depth workbook and on-line materials, as well as the book “Get Back To Work!, A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast, co-written by Charles Grossner, President of PeopleFind Inc.
  • Other service options the released employee may choose to access include: in-depth career assessment and counseling, financial counseling, training in networking, self-marketing, entrepreneurship, interviewing, negotiating and personal presentation.  The employee can also choose to access office space and administrative support.
  • Once defined, a formal document identifying the employees’ service choices will be sent to the employer with a statement delineating cost – service by service. You know exactly what you are paying for. Through years of experience in this business, we know there are often individuals who require less service than the company is prepared to pay for.  We only charge for services the employee needs and you potentially save thousands with each individual.

We believe our approach is the most transparent, common sense and ethical way to serve our two customers – the Employer and the Released Employee.  The Employer can be rest assured that they have provided the top quality support that directly meet’s the employee’s needs and does so while providing for significant and immediate savings.

Further Benefits for Groups Through Pooling PeopleFind Points:

When an employer releases a group of employees (two or more), further benefits and service can be realized through PeopleFind’s Points Pool.

For example, should ten employees be released, the employer will set a Service Fee Cap for each person in the group and the sum total of these points represents the Points Pool for the group. Once each of the released employees identifies his/her individual service requests, it is quite likely that some of the ten will not require his/her full points allotment. PeopleFind will be pleased, subject to employer approval, to reassign the unused points to others who need more assistance.