Most people think of themselves in terms of their current work and not what value they might offer a new employer. Unless you have the opportunity of being hired by a company exactly like the one you wish to leave or have already left, reframe your core competencies (strengths) so they will appear worthy to readers outside of your traditional industry sector. This provides you with a much larger opportunity window and enhances your potential to land a better and more satisfying job.


Hints & Tips:

  • As you develop a list of your core competencies (strengths), use the career ads found in the daily newspapers and the electronic job boards (i.e. Workopolis and Monster) noting the phrases and descriptive terms that advertisers employ. Incorporate these terminologies into your résumé and cover letter to help make them appear more current.
  • Highlight all the skill-based words in each ad that you feel you can also claim title to. Use these words to enhance your list of marketable skills.
  • Review the job description you are responding to and note the order and priority of the strengths as deployed in the prerequisite list. Write your résumé by ordering your strengths to respond in the same priority.
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