Why Select PeopleFind for Executive Search?

Service + Value

Whatever the industry, whatever the discipline or the level, PeopleFind has a search program to meet your needs.


We deliver

Our primary focus is recruiting top talent for senior to mid level management – both permanent and contract. Tell us what you need and whatever it might be, we will deliver.


It is not just the technology, but, additionally, how we use it that sets us apart. Through a variety of internet search tools including sophisticated Google search strings that few other search firms employ, access to databases, network affiliations and other electronic resources – we are able to research and quickly create a database of competitors, related firms, and active and passive candidates for virtually any position we are mandated to fill regardless of location and challenge. Where the terrain is particularly difficult, we will work with the employer to ensure that the recruiting strategy is doable and the execution successful. We are experts at “hard to fill” positions.


Extensive advertising for the right candidates support all search initiatives.


Our process is really quite simple. Through a careful needs assessment, we first develop a success profile for every position we undertake to fill, including the “must haves”, “should haves” and “nice to haves”, and the key attitudinal and personality characteristics that are to be sought after in the right candidate for any position we seek to fill. Once we are clear on the target profile, we network, utilize referrals, headhunt, advertise and utilize our extensive technology resources to select the right candidates for a short list of candidates to be presented to the client. This process involves “intensive interviewing” and “validating processes” to ensure the legitimacy of candidates selected for the shortlist.  Should a search be “confidential” we have processes and procedures to ensure anonymity. Where appropriate, we access the right assessment tools to further enable selection of the right candidates. We pull out all the stops to ensure the fit is right. And, we are there for the client to assist in any way and right through the negotiation as required.


Our resources are vast; and some are unique; and we strongly believe we are very well equipped; second to none in the search industry (Linkedin, Seekout, Dice, Indeed, Monster and more). We have spared no expense on acquiring the right research tools, commercial and specialty databases, advertising, and network affiliations. For example, through NPAworldwide, we have 500 recruiting affiliations and partnerships around the globe, through Top Echelon, another 500 recruiting partners, and through TEAM – the UK’s largest network of independent recruiters – we are well positioned to do work in Europe and beyond. We indeed have access to a vast talent pool and partners who can assist us to we fill positions in every corner of the globe.


In the simplest of terms, our recruiters are outstanding professionals who are very thorough, very tenacious and extremely effective. It is not enough to know what to do; our recruiters are experts at execution. They are all savvy headhunters and networkers.

Culture Fit

Our recruiters are particularly adept at understanding and responding to organizational culture and the culture of the local environment in which the organization exists. Finding the right talent is much more than identifying skills and capabilities that match the job specifications. A successful placement is very much dependent on cultural fit within the organization and in the case of relocations, affinity and adaptability to the culture of the community in which the new hire and family will reside. Cultural fit is directly linked with job satisfaction and longevity on the job and it is our role as recruiters to ensure we probe for and reflect this into hiring recommendations.


Our fees and guarantees are more than competitive.  We do everything we can to deliver impeccable service and unsurpassed value to our clients. We employ very competitive pricing models in our effort to deliver great value. Additionally, we have pricing options that minimize client risk. You will get real value for your dollar. Our interest is in satisfying our clients and in securing business relationships for the long term.


We Request

Whether you are using recruiters now to help you acquire the human capital you need to run your business, or, thinking about the prospect of engaging a recruiting firm, we ask you to recognize that no two recruiting firms are the same and it will be worth the effort to do the comparisons. Here are some thought starters:


  1. Ask the recruiter(s) to explain what differentiates them from the rest of the crowd and how this will impact on the delivery of your needs.
  2. Ask them to explain the resources and methodologies they will use to produce the results you need.
  3. Ask them if they employ any unique tools or methodologies that are not widely used in the recruiting industry, and, ask them to define or demonstrate this uniqueness.
  4. Ask them to reveal who will lead and execute the work and what the qualifications of the participants are. Make sure you get what you are paying for.
  5. Ask them to explain their pricing, guarantee(s) and how they will deliver top value to your firm.


On Balance

At PeopleFind, we pull out all the stops to research, identify, qualify and deliver the right talent to our clients. It is our intent to strive for excellence and to thoroughly please those who engage our services.


We are guided by the belief that the top quality work coupled with fair and reasonable pricing will enable us to build lasting relationships and partnerships with the employers whom we serve.


There is an old adage that states … You get what you pay for”.  At PeopleFind, we ensure you always get more; indeed, top value for your dollar.


We look forward to talking and/or meeting with you.



Charles Grossner, BA, MA, MBA


PeopleFind Inc


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