Employee Attitude Surveys

PeoplePulse Employee Attitude Surveys

PeoplePulse is a confidential employee survey designed to gather facts about attitudes and opinions that affect your business. It is completely anonymous and confidential, giving your employees an open forum where they can voice their opinions to you without reservation. The results can be invaluable when making strategic decisions about staffing, organizational structure, training, salaries, benefits, interdepartmental communications, etc.

PeoplePulse is…

  • An effective way to identify and address issues that affect your business
  • Customized to your particular requirements
  • Suited to every size and type of organization
  • Comprehensive, actionable and affordable

PeoplePulse provides…

  • Direct and confidential input from employees
  • Employee input concerning management’s effectiveness
  • Feedback on business processes
  • A diagnosis of morale and the well being of the organization
  • Feedback on internal trends and organizational directions
  • Actionable information that impacts the bottom line

PeoplePulse Sample Topics:

  • Overall perception of the company and its corporate identity
  • Commitment to corporate vision and goals
  • Perception of customer service delivery
  • Suggestions for improving business processes and systems
  • An assessment of internal communications
  • Feedback on management style
  • Effectiveness of reporting systems and organizational structure
  • Barriers to individual advancement and organizational success
  • Opportunities for productivity enhancement
  • Level of job satisfaction and loyalty
  • Feedback on compensation, benefits and training
  • Perception of working conditions and physical environment

PeoplePulse includes:

  • Initial consultation with senior executives
  • Custom tailoring of questionnaire & pretest
  • Open-end questions
  • Content analysis of open-end questions
  • Computer tabulation of surveys
  • Tables and selected banner cross tabulations
  • Two bound copies of Summary Report
  • Electronic format available at no extra cost

PeoplePulse benefits your organization by offering:

  • A fast, effective and inexpensive methodology
  • Feedback on issues affecting organizational performance
  • A research design customized to meet your organization’s needs
  • A proprietary methodology that maximizes employee participation
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity
  • Actionable results
  • A design implemented by research Professionals

PeoplePulse is conducted jointly by:

Ronald Rotenberg, MBA, PhD
President, Rotenberg Research.
Former Professor at Brock University and Lecturer in Executive Development at the Schulich School of Business, York University

Charles Grossner, BA, MA, MBA
President, PeopleFind Inc, Executive Search and Outplacement.
Director, Career Coach and former Vice President of several major Canadian and multinational corporations.

Both Charles Grossner and Ronald Rotenberg have over 25 years experience in corporate and business related research.

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