What Support & Services Do Employees Receive?

We believe our program planning and costing approach allows for the utmost flexibility, usefulness and cost containment.  Basically, each individual begins with our Core Service and then adds those Beyond Core services and facilities they feel meet his/her needs.  The employer is billed only for services the individual requires and fees never exceed the employers pre-determined service fee cap.

Core Service:

Our core service provides individuals with the essentials for his/her career transition. Core service includes five hours of one-to-one coaching through which the individual establishes his/her basic career and job search strategy. Additionally, individuals are provided assistance on the following key topics:

  • Emotional Support and Sharing the News With Others
  • The Release and/or Severance Terms
  • Wrapping up with the Employer
  • Determining Resources, Challenges and Next Steps
  • Assessing Present Networking and Self-Marketing Materials
  • Building a Competitive Resume and Other Communication Materials
  • Fundamental Principles of Good Networking

Beyond the individual coaching, eight hours of training through small group seminars are provided (3 to 10 individuals per group for optimal learning).  Subject matter includes:

  • Building a Positive Job Search Attitude
  • Overcoming Common Job Search Challenges
  • Identifying Your Strengths and Value
  • Strategizing the Transition
  • Organization and Job Market Research
  • Reinforcing the Importance of Effective Networking
  • Preparing for and Conducting Effective Interviews

Core Service includes a copy of the book “Get Back To Work! – A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast” and its accompanying online Workbook.  Program participants also have access to PeopleFind’s comprehensive online job search training and reference materials as well as carefully selected links to assist in research and online search.

An individual’s scheduled access to the above mentioned coaching and training is subject to his or her particular needs (he/she can access service up to one year from his/her release).  We do not limit an individual’s access to help to only a few months; individuals can access PeopleFind help for a much longer time.

Beyond Core Service:

Beyond the core service component, participants determine their further needs by reviewing a range of options with their designated Consultant.  Additional options include the following:

  • In-depth Career/Psychological Assessment
  • One to One Financial Planning Sessions
  • Professional Etiquette and Appearance Coaching
  • Video Feedback Interview Training
  • Ongoing Networking and Strategizing Assistance
  • Entrepreneurship Consultations (starting a business)
  • Participation in Group Job Search Meetings
  • Use of Office Space and Services (administrative support, call messaging etc.)
  • Personal Stress Counselling
  • Retirement Counselling
  • Further Coaching – tailored to specific needs