Get Back To Work Textbook

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Get Back To Work!

A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast



STEP 1: Take Control of Your Transition

So you’ve lost your job

You’ve been away from the job market for some time and you want to get back

You recently arrived from another country and need employment

You recently graduated and find that employers want experience

Take extreme care of yourself
Reach out to family
Coach the curious
Tune in to kids’ stuff
Activate your stress busters
Take personal inventory
Start fresh
Get into a groove
Have an interim financial plan
Fill in your financial worksheets
Get a grip on unnecessary expenses
These are things I’m doing for myself

STEP 2: Find Your Best Fit

Change is inevitable, except in vending machines
Understand your place in history
Know thyself: a skills inventory
List your accomplishments
Introduce action verbs

Three proven pillars of success

  1. Get SMART
  2. Maintain Your FOCUS
  3. Market Yourself with SMACK

Changing careers altogether
Strike out on your own?
Anticipate roadblocks
Complete this action plan

STEP 3: Building the Perfect Beast

State your career objective
Types of resumés
The chronological resumé
The functional resumé
Avoid common errors
Cover yourself
Identify positive references
Develop guidelines
Measure progress to date

STEP 4: Launch Your Marketing Campaign

Carve out your niche
Sell your features and benefits
Saturate your target market
Maintain a database
Network, network, network
Pack a portfolio
How about headhunters?
Team up with a career coach
Work the phones
Answer ads
Tap into the hidden job market
Check off this list

STEP 5: Ace the Interview

Know what they want to know
Employment interviews
Questions they’ll ask
Innocent questions
Illegal questions
Questions you’ll ask
Information interviews
Information interview guidelines
Phone interviews
Screening interviews
Structured interviews
Phases of the structured interview
Unstructured interviews
Multiple interviews
Stress test interviews
What to do if…
Behavioral interviews
Behavioral vs. traditional interviews
How to prepare for a behavioral interview
The thank you letter
Call backs
Your clothing is your packaging
Don’t leave home without…

STEP 6: Negotiate the Offer

Does the offer reflect market conditions?
Elements of the offer
Employment contracts
Severance packages
What the pros know
Evaluate the offer
Be reasonable and flexible
Negotiating strategy
Before you sign on the dotted line

Conclusion and Beyond