Additional Programs & Services

Onsite Termination Assistance

It often helps to have a PeopleFind Outplacement Consultant to assist with onsite terminations. Our Consultant will arrive early to brief your managers who will be conducting the downsizing, before the termination session. Then our Consultant will meet with your released employee(s) immediately after they are notified, enabling them to emerge from the proceedings with dignity.

This optional service goes a long way to ensuring a smooth flow for both the employer and terminated employee.

PeopleFind Outplacement offers a range of programs and services to meet your specific needs. This includes the following:

Group Workshops For Employees

Quick StartTwo Day Concentrated Job Search Workshop

There are times when you want to provide outplacement for your staff, but your budget is severely limited. In these situations, a PeopleFind “Quick Start” workshop may be just the thing you are looking for. Quick Start is a two day, cost effective workshop that serves the needs of hourly and lower level employees who might not otherwise receive outplacement counseling. It may be used alone or in conjunction with one-on-one consultation with a PeopleFind Career Coach, depending on your budget and objectives.

Your former employees will learn how to:

  • Manage their stress
  • Write a results-oriented résumé based on their Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Take advantage of online job banks and internet recruiting
  • Concentrate their efforts on activities that bring the best results quickly
  • Tap into the hidden job market by networking via a wide range of contacts
  • Interview with confidence and follow up professionally

Staying On TrackFor Employees On Working Notice

Occasionally an organization will notify its employees that major staff reductions are scheduled at a future date. During the period that the business needs to continue functioning, it is critical to retain and motivate staff. This is not an easy task given the concerns associated with downsizing.

PeopleFind’s “Staying On Track” workshop is geared to the staff who know they are slated for downsizing at some future point. The goal is to deal with the realities of having to maintain productivity while considering future options. Workshop attendees are shown how to continue performing at optimal levels until their termination date, and how to take advantage of the latest job hunting techniques.

Maintaining Morale & Productivity For Retained Employees

Regardless of how well you handle a layoff, there will always be a period of dislocation for the remaining employees. They will wonder about their own security and prospects. Rumors and apprehension may abound. This could slow your business down and decrease productivity.

With PeopleFind’s workshops for retained employees, your remaining staff members are shown how to deal with their concerns in a positive, constructive way. They are given room to air their views and share concerns and issues with their colleagues.

PeopleFind offers a customizable half-day or full-day program, which addresses the specific issues in your organization. Our trained Career Coaches work with you in advance to determine the optimal agenda, based on our proven formula for successful post-transition business continuation. Your employees will learn how to:

  • Manage their stress
  • Work through their concerns
  • Concentrate their efforts on activities of strategic importance to your organization
  • Take charge of their own career paths, freeing them up to focus on productivity
  • Recognize the positive organizational benefits of the required changes
  • Communicate in ways that foster mutual support and understanding

For further details, please contact us.

Termination Training for Management

Your company may be planning to downsize. Possibly it’s a single individual, or perhaps a larger group of employees. If you haven’t had extensive experience with layoffs, you could be unaware of the many issues involved. For instance, what do you say exactly at the moment of termination? How do you help your released staff leave the premises with dignity?

There are many such challenging questions, but PeopleFind’s experienced Outplacement Consultants can help you answer them all. We work with your terminating staff early on, to ensure that they know how to handle themselves no matter what type of situation arises. Termination Training for managers is available for individuals or groups, depending on your needs. Please contact us to find out more.

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