Soft-Skills Training

Soft-Skills Training For Employees

The training specialists at PeopleFind can help your staff improve their abilities in key areas, such as communication, time management, process management, people management and more.

Our “Guide to Better Management Practices” is designed to provide managers and staff at all levels the opportunity to improve key areas that impact on individual and organizational efficiency and effectiveness. We provide training in critical soft skill areas, often taken for granted, that add value when reinforced.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Business Writing – communicating on paper and online with impact and clarity
  • Presentation Skills – crafting and delivering persuasive spoken messages
  • Time Management – leveraging time, prioritizing, and minimizing stress
  • Process Management – collaborative problem solving, conflict resolution planning effectiveness
  • People Management – leadership styles, team building, meeting management, effective listening
  • Productivity – getting the most from your people
  • And for Retailers – A Retail Manager’s Guide – how to create a strong service driven culture.

Each program is customized to suit the needs of your organization and its particular set of concerns and strategic objectives. Modules can be presented in half-day, full-day and multiple-day sessions as required.

Content is delivered via live facilitation on-site at your premises. A combination of instructor-led discussion, experiential interaction and case study methodologies are used to maximize knowledge transfer among attendees.

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