Other Services

In addition to our “Success” packages, PeopleFind can provide:

Psychometric Testing and De-Briefing

Psychometrics covers a variety of tools that are used to assess the character, strengths and weaknesses of a candidate, providing predictive profiles of their suitability for a position.  There are two fundamental types of psychometric tests: aptitude tests, which assess your abilities; and personality questionnaires, which help to build up a profile of your characteristics and personality.  Employers may use psychometric tools in conjunction with more traditional selection methods, such as a one-to-one interview, to predict success.

As part of an in-depth “Career Coaching” program, PeopleFind can provide these tools to give you insight into your own skills, preferences and career direction.


  • Covering – introduces you and presents your résumé.
  • Networking – to contact people within your current and past peer groups.
  • Thank You – the follow-up to an interview or another significant contact.
  • References – appropriately detailed information sent to prospective employers.