Our Six Step Outplacement Approach

“Get Back To Work”: The Six Step Career Transition Process

Outplacement at PeopleFind is based on the proven principles detailed in the best seller “Get Back To Work! A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast.” We guide our clients along a clearly outlined route to rewarding employment.

Our Career Coaches help downsized employees harness their emotions, turning them into powerful forces that define their goals and achieve their objectives. Clients learn to sharpen their research skills, write stand-out résumés, and develop winning interview techniques.

STEP 1: Take Control of Your Transition

Our Career Coaches help Outplacement clients turn their emotions into positive energy in pursuit of a new job or career. Clients are taught to separate feelings from actions, acknowledge their current state, move through the grieving process, and start revitalized.

STEP 2: Find Your Best Fit

Once Outplacement clients recognize that change is inevitable, they begin the process of finding a new job or career by taking a complete skills inventory and preparing a comprehensive list of work-related accomplishments.

STEP 3: Build the Perfect Beast

Given a clearer vision and understanding of the job search process, our Outplacement clients get down to the actual task of building breakthrough résumés based on their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Clients are taught to avoid common errors, identify positive references and produce the material that will help them succeed in their personal marketing campaigns.

STEP 4: Launch Your Marketing Campaign

With confidence reinforced and a stand-out résumé in hand, Outplacement clients move into the world of job search. They will know how to sell their features and benefits, target specific opportunities, network effectively, deal with headhunters, respond to ads and tap into the hidden job market. The Internet is an essential component here and we provide each client with password protected access to PeopleFind’s Private Resources, our proprietary online job search tool.

STEP 5: Ace the Interview

The interview is the key to a successful job search. Securing the right position may require multiple interviews of different types. Outplacement clients are taught to treat each interview as a critical passage to the next step.

PeopleFind Career Coaches help Outplacement clients get ready for interviews through preparation, rehearsal, and feedback. Clients learn about the various types of interviews they will need to contend with, as well as the non-verbal skills they must demonstrate in order to ace the discussions.

STEP 6: Negotiate the Offer

Job negotiation can be tricky. Our Outplacement clients are coached on the pitfalls that can hamper a positive campaign and are given the tools to negotiate a win-win offer for both employer and employee.

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