How Much Does PeopleFind Outplacement Cost?

Core Service Cost:

The fee for core service is $1,800.  Further services are billed as needed by the released individual and would not exceed the service fee cap set by the employer.  Our services are not time limited by month. Instead, they can be accessed for up to one year from an individual’s release date.

Our “PeopleFind Point” system is a flexible method that allows employers to contain cost and individuals to zero in on exactly what he or she needs. Employers pay only for what the released employee needs.

Over and above our core service, employers can set a service fee cap which determines the number of PeopleFind Points available for each employee. One hour of coaching time is equivalent to one PeopleFind point. The employee can then create the program that best suits his or her needs. This is done in consultation with a PeopleFind Consultant.

Participation in a small group seminar is also equivalent to one PeopleFind Point.  An in-depth Career/Psychological Assessment is equivalent to five PeopleFind Points. Our full menu of services delineates the range of services and points. This is reviewed with the released employee in the first meeting.

Comparing our Services and Fees:

Because most outplacement service providers describe their programs in three, six and twelve month packages, we offer the following chart for comparison purposes.

Typical Competitors’ Fee Versus PeopleFind Program
3 Months:   $4,000 12 months, Core service plus 11 points (Up to 16 hours of individual coaching plus Core Seminars)
6 Months:   $8,000 12 months, Core service plus 31 points (Up to 36 hours of coaching plus Core Seminars)
12 Months: $15,000 12 months, Core service plus 66 points (Up to 61 hours of coaching plus Core Seminars)

The chart above is presented for simple illustration purposes only.  Employers can set any Service Fee Cap deemed appropriate, and the released employee can choose from a range of services by using his or her allotted PeopleFind Points.

It is likely that a person with more points would also consider services beyond coaching. At Core Service plus 16 points ($5,000), for example, the individual might opt for Psychological/Career Assessment and Financial Planning as part of their package.  We believe giving each individual the ability to create his/her own program helps him/her the most, while it provides savings to the employer by spending only on services needed.

Facilities and Admin Services:

Flexibility is the key to providing clients with quality office space and services that they will use during their job search.  Through our facilities partner, PeopleFind provides optional access to comfortable, modern, fully equipped office space and services with hundreds of locations in over 400 cities around the world. In the Toronto/Golden Horseshoe area we have 18 location choices. In areas where we do not have pre-arranged office space, special arrangements enable us to provide accommodation for most requirements.

In our initial meeting with an outplaced individual, we determine his or her office space and service needs and identify the most suitable location.

Our full suite of office services include:

On-site support staff

Complete IT and telecom infrastructure

Lounge and Kitchen facilities

A local phone number and professional receptionist

Mail handling and forwarding

Photocopying service

Through our experience, we have learned that outplacement clients vary considerably in terms of the amount and type of office facilities they require.  Most outplacement clients do not use facilities on a daily basis, as they have computers and home offices of their own. This variation has motivated us to provide flexibility to clients in terms of providing the right amount of access to the office space they require. Depending on the amount of access time required, rates vary from $200 for 5 days per month to $500 for full monthly access.  Administrative support services are available and priced on usage.

By approaching office use and administrative support services planning in this way, our corporate clients are protected from overpaying for office access that a released individual might not use (directly or indirectly as part of a bundled cost).

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