Work History

Should find yourself in the situation where you have been employed by the same firm for several years or perhaps for your entire career, an effective way to demonstrate growth and resource development is to portray your various stints within the same company as if they were separate segments. Categorize your career into different job titles or sets of responsibilities. As in the example below, it is not necessary to repeat the name of the company each time.


Hints & Tips:

  • Don’t revisit any further than 10 to 15 years into your past unless you feel that a very old position is relevant to the reader’s current interest.
  • Try and contain your résumé to 1 or 2 pages in length. If you were employed at several past jobs relevant to your application, or, alternatively held several short-term positions such as contract employment, insert a new topic heading entitled OTHER EMPLOYMENT & CONTRACT POSITIONS. Under this heading, simply list the companies you worked for, your job title and the date range.
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