Your résumé provides an opportunity to include accomplishments which demonstrate that your skills are transferable to an opportunity different from your past employment. To help make your selection of accomplishments relevant to the reader, it is important that you research your target company to better understand their needs.

When selecting the accomplishments you will illustrate, put yourself in the interviewer’s position.

Is this employer opening up new stores or territory?

  • Has their industry become more competitive?
  • Is this job position open due to a change in management? (Merger/acquisition etc.)
  • …and other circumstances

By knowing what the target company needs to accomplish through filling this vacancy, you will be in a much better position to select situations from your past employment that best fit into their plans and thinking.


Hints & Tips:

  • It is more effective to illustrate only 2 or 3 examples of accomplishments and flesh them out completely rather than an endless list incompletely explained.
  • Ensure that your accomplishments include “qualifiers” such as numbers, percentages or other means, to enable the reader to quantify the scope and scale of your abilities and the level of your seniority.
  • Do not confuse an “accomplishment” with a “responsibility”. Use the Responsibility Statement to provide the overview of what your past job duties were and the Accomplishments area to illustrate your achievements.
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