The Role of a Career Coach

Career Coaches are collaborative consultants whom you hire to assist in clarifying career-related goals, identifying problem areas, and developing sustainable solutions. They provide input, support, and feedback, They motivate you to accept accountability and the challenges required to realize your self-identified goals that result from this introspective process. Coaching is not therapy. While you might very well touch upon important themes or life events in your sessions, these serve as a platform for discussions about future actions.


The coaching relationship provides a safe, 100% confidential environment that allows for a deep level of trust, safety, acceptance and regards to the client’s best interest. If e-mails are exchanged as part of the coaching process, Peoplefind cannot vouch for the absolute security of transmissions due to the nature of the Internet.

Parameters Of The Coaching Role

Career Coaches at Peoplefind are here to assist you with your career efforts. They cannot find you a job, nor can they tell you what to do with your life. The advice and suggestions they offer are for your consideration, and you, the Client, bear full and final responsibility for the decisions you make and the actions you pursue.