Organizational Climate Study

“PeoplePulse” is a proprietary tool designed to measure an organization’s internal “state of being” & “employee engagement”

PeoplePulse is an “employee survey” which identifies issues and opportunities that can be acted upon to increase an organization’s ability to achieve it’s mission.

PeoplePulse is appropriate for all sizes and kinds of organizations – Business, Not for Profits, and Government.

PeoplePulse is:

A fast efficient way to identify issues and opportunities impacting your business

A research design customized to meet your organization’s information requirements

A comprehensive, actionable and affordable methodology suited to every size and type of organization

A confidential, anonymous survey of employees’ attitudes and opinions regarding your organization

Sample of the areas that can be explored:

  • Commitment to corporate vision and goals
  • Perception of customer service delivery
  • Suggestions for improving business processes
  • Perception of your company and its corporate identity
  • Effectiveness of reporting systems and organizational structure
  • Perceived Barriers to advancement and organizational success
  • Opportunities for productivity enhancement
  • Feedback on compensation, benefits and training
  • Perception of working conditions and physical environment
  • Level of satisfaction and loyalty to your organization

An employee attitude survey designed to increase your employee retention and satisfaction by  objectively  and anonymously measuring their commitment, perceptions,  and attitudes toward your organization.


Option 1 – 10 minute   “semi customized” survey  (for 300 responses or less) is $9,950.

Option 2 – 12 minute  “fully customized” survey (300 responses or less) is $15,375.

Both options Include: Telephone and e mail consultation with management, questionnaire design, project management, web hosting   for on line survey, computer tab, tables and cross tabs, detailed analysis (Option 1 – 2 open end questions;

Option 2 – 4 open end questions, colour graphs and electronic report.

(see page 3 for organizations with larger number of employees)

Survey Options (Investment required for over 300 responses)

Semi customized option – For each completed survey over 300, add $3.50 each.

Customized Option – For each completed survey over 300, add $5.00 each.

The PeoplePulse Team

Program developed by Dr. Ronald Rotenberg MBA, Ph.D., President – Rotenberg Research Inc. and Charles Grossner  BA, MA, MBA, President – PeopleFind Inc.. Research conducted by Rotenberg Research Inc. Markham (Toronto) Ontario

Charles Grossner, BA, MA, MBA, President, PeopleFind Inc.

Charles Grossner is the President of Peoplefind Inc.  which he founded in 1999. The company has since grown into a successful Executive Search / Recruiting and Outplacement / Career Transition firm. Over a 25 year career in corporate life, Charles worked in a variety of industries including retail, food, drug, the automotive aftermarket, manufacturing, and information technology. He held various corporate positions at the VP and Director levels managing among other functions marketing research and thereby contributing significantly to the strategic direction of the firms within which he was employed. Charles is a published author: Get Back to Work: A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast (Fitzhenry & Whiteside) as well as articles in technology and Marketing Research. He has taught college/university level courses in Economics, Business Administration, Advertising and Marketing.

Ronald Rotenberg, MBA, PhD  (Penn. State U.), President, Rotenberg Research

Dr. Rotenberg, a recognized expert in the marketing research field, spent over 30 years conducting research for several hundred companies in a variety of industries, for  some of North Americas best known and successful companies including Gerber, Choice Hotels Lazy Boy, TD Bank  RIM , Sony, Sanyo, Toshiba, Johnson and Johnson, Renees (salad dressings),  Maple Leaf Mills, Norwegian Cruise Liines, among others Ron taught at Concordia University, Penn State University,. University of New York, Carlton and York University (MBA/Exec. Development.).  Ron was Associate Professor of Marketing at Brock University for 30 years. His latest book A Manager’s Guide to Marketing Research is published by Harcourt Brace Canada

Samual Moses, Honours B.B.A. ( York Univ.), Principal / V.P. Marketing

For 3 years prior to joining Rotenberg Research, Sam was involved in conducting investigative research projects within the consulting field. He has been a field director, managed data collection and was responsible for ensuring data accuracy. Sam also managed client relationships for mid-size to Fortune 500 companies and has conducted significant marketing research and due diligence. Sam has been with  Rotenberg Research since 2006 and has received excellent client feedback on his work

Olga Filizop, Honors B.A., M.Econ., MBA (McGill), Senior Research Associate

Olga is an experienced marketing researcher and business analyst with 10 years in delivering state-of-the-art products, processes, and services. She has managed research projects for governmental agencies, commercial enterprises, and business associations in both Europe and North America. Olga’s extensive business experience includes strategic development, marketing communications, financial analyses and business planning.