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Here are some comments and reviews about the Canadian best-seller “Get Back to Work! A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast” written by PeopleFind’s Charles Grossner.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside – the Publisher
“Easy-to-read, entertaining and packed with proven job-search techniques, Get Back to Work! provides anyone seeking employment with the means, the methods and the motivation needed to succeed in the job market.

Created especially for today’s competitive employment marketplace by a team of career coaches, Get Back to Work! explores and explains the series of practical, easy-to-follow, effective steps you’ll need to move from no-job to new-job.”

Janice Foord Kirk – Career Monitor, The Toronto Star – December 10, 2002
“For the person struggling to find work right now, a new book, Get Back to Work! (Fitzhenry & Whiteside) could be an invaluable gift. Written by Ontario authors, the book’s subtitle says it all: “A No-Nonsense Guide For Finding Your Next Job Fast”.
Their advice is direct, targeted and presented in easily accessible chunks, often in point form. When looking for work, the authors write, “You will face barriers. You may face prejudice. You may feel anxious. You may feel rejected. You may be frozen by fear and self-doubt. You may not know the local protocol. Bottom line, you need to overcome your fears, surmount the barriers and move forward with confidence.”

The Vancouver Sun – November 16, 2002
“The people behind PeopleFind Inc., an executive search and career transition firm, have written a book aimed at the downsized, those declared redundant in mid or late career. For anyone in their target audience who is feeling a little too crowded by sympathetic supporters and just wants some clear pointers, this book’s worth a look.”

Online Review – – February 11, 2003. Reviewer: A reader from South Carolina
“To all job hunters out there – Get this book! Why should you get this book? Because it works and it helped me get a fantastic job that I am using as a stepping stone for my future career. This book applies to everyone. From the recent graduate to the stay-at-home parent that wants to re-enter the job market. I am a recent university graduate and I got a hold of this book through a friend. It helped me in so many different ways. The book is an easy read, it is well organized and gets straight to the point on the different steps one should take in the job hunt. This book was a valuable tool for me and I think for anyone who is determined to find that dream job. This book helped me understand that the most difficult obstacle to overcome before being successful and finding that dream job are your emotions. I got past my self-doubt and began working harder at my job-search. This book gets to the point, moves you through step-by-step and helps in preparing you for what to expect with the job-hunt. What you find won’t fall into your lap, you have to work hard to get it. What this book did give me was the confidence that I needed to get through the process. Now I am working full-time and I credit the book to my success.”

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