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FILLED! JOB POSTING: Director of Corporate Communications



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This position is based in the City of Vaughan, Ontario, just north of the City of Toronto. We advertise in various locations to raise the visibility of this opportunity for those interested in relocating.


Vaughan, with a population over 300,000, is one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities. Situated on the northern boundary of the City of Toronto, Canada’s largest city, Vaughan is north central to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which has a population exceeding 6 million people. Vaughan has experienced stellar growth over the past 25 years and this growth is projected to continue. Additionally, within one day’s drive are two thirds of Canada’s population and almost half of the US population. Close proximity to these markets well-positions the incumbent for building effective collaborative relationships ensuring Vaughan’s economic growth and prosperity.

Vaughan possesses all of the amenities and public infrastructure necessary for large scale growth; an extensive transportation and state-of-the-art telecommunications network, the second largest inventory of vacant land primed for commercial/industrial development, and the lowest property taxes in the GTA. Major new projects include the extension of the Toronto subway north into the City of Vaughan and the development of a new regional hospital. A diverse, well-educated and skilled workforce provides a competitive edge for industries choosing Vaughan as their headquarters.

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Tips on Getting Your Next Job Faster

Attend a workshop in Downtown Toronto designed to:

a)    help you develop the tools and techniques required to find your next job faster, and

b)    help you develop a marketing campaign that works

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Job Seekers Must Tap the Hidden Job Market

To some, the “hidden job market” may be old news, but you would be surprised at how many job seekers have never heard of it. The hidden job market accounts for a significant percentage of all jobs that are filled! Some sources have claimed this to be as high as 80% of all opportunities.

It may be easier for job seekers to search for opportunities within the electronic and written media but they may be missing the best jobs potentially available to them by not effectively utilizing non media sources for job opportunities.

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