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PeopleFind has the distinction of being very well resourced in terms of technology, databases, advertising capability, methodologies, business strategies and human capital (our recruiting team). We are always looking for experienced recruiters with specialization and subject matter expertise in one industry, discipline or another. Our generous commission and incentive program makes it practical for 360 recruiters to maximize their incomes under the PeopleFind umbrella. Permanent, contract and temp recruiters are required. We prefer recruiters who have experience in business development, account development and candidate search. Most of our staff work virtually from their homes.
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Split Fee Agreements

Split placements can benefit your recruiting firm by

  • smoothening out cash flow fluctuations,
  • enabling you to work on more assignments simultaneously,
  • helping you serve your clients faster and more efficiently,
  • expanding your scope of service in terms of geography, occupational and industrial markets, and
  • doing more business without having to engage additional recruiters.

We belong to two recruiting networks (NPA and TEAM) and we will be pleased to provide introductions. We are always glad to work with recruiters on an individual basis.
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Access PeopleFind Resources

We know through our vast network of recruiting contacts that many firms run light on the resources used to find talent. At PeopleFind, we have significant resources including recruiters, offshore recruiters, candidate databases, advertising space, research tools, learning materials and ad copywriters. We are pleased to assist others in the business in need of support in one form or another to better serve their clients. Our fees are very affordable.
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